Travelers’ choice: World’s top 25 destinations


Istanbul tops TripAdvisor's 2014 list

Istanbul tops TripAdvisor’s 2014 list

Marnie Hunter, CNN

You blinked and a quarter of the year flew by. It’s time to plan a vacation.

TripAdvisor’s sixth annual Travelers’ Choice awards has sliced and diced its users’ reviews and ratings over 12 months into lists of its most highly recommended global and regional destinations. TripAdvisor announced its winning destinations Tuesday.  Read more.

7 Things Parents Forget on Plane Trips with Kids


KidsonplanesRick Seaney for Good Morning America

Traveling with little kids? Been there, done that, loved it. Most of the time. As for the other times, some of the blame falls on me because I forgot something.

We all do. A mother I know told me she once forgot to bring a ratty, old stuffed animal and paid the price. Toddler: “Where Pinky Pig go?” Mom: “Uh, he decided to stay home.” This was followed by loud and lengthy opposition to the pig’s staycation plans.  Read more.

The World’s Most Social Travel Destinations


ParisThe Huffington Post

They say “there’s no place like home,” but we finally put it to the test! The travel site minube along with over 100 tourism boards from Iowa to Indonesia asked travelers one simple question: what are the world’s most social destinations?  Read more.

9 places on Earth we know very little about


NewFrontiersBy Kate Whitehead, for CNN

Forget space. There are so many spots on our very own planet which are ripe for investigation if you’re willing to explore–instead of simply take a tour. A veteran explorer shares some of his journeys. Maybe you’ll catch the travel bug when you see some of the spots still waiting to be discovered.  Read more.

8 irresistible indoor hotel pools

By Chadner Navarro, CNNThe Water Club - Borgata - - Atlantic City, NJWhen it comes to hotel pools, the indoor variety has long played second fiddle to their outdoor — often rooftop — counterparts. But these days, striking décor, luxury amenities and stunning settings mean many indoor swimming holes can now challenge even the most glamorous of outdoor pools.  Read more.

The Water Club – Borgata – - Atlantic City, NJ

Set sail on the best spring break cruises of 2014

Royal Caribbean International's Oasis of the Seas

Royal Caribbean International’s Oasis of the Seas


Fran Golden – USA Today

Whether you are looking to take the kids on vacation or to pal around at sea with your friends, cruise lines have a lot of options for spring break in March and April. The cruises don’t cost an arm and a leg and can get you to desirable, sunny destinations, while also providing a fun-filled environment shipboard.  Read more.

Pamper yourself on a luxury Caribbean Cruise



By Fran Golden – USAToday

For passengers who want the very best, and can afford it, luxury Caribbean cruises provide a floating world of first-class amenities, fine cuisine and elegant accommodations. Your drinks and crew gratuities are included in your cruise fare – and so is service that matches your desire to be pampered.  Read more.






Where Europeans go on vacation, once they leave their country

euro_tourism_003Where Europeans go on vacation, once they leave their country
By Jason Karaian and David Yanofsky
Many people’s dream vacations involve travel to distant, exotic lands. But the reality is that most people take their holidays close to home. Europeans, for example, tend not to stray very far, generally seeking out the nearest sunny spot at home or in the near abroad.  Read more.